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  • Is this a quick fix?
    There's no quick fix for achieving long-lasting, sustainable good health and wellbeing - but Your Gene Team do offer you a way to identify the most effective ways to achieve good health.
  • How long until I see results?
    Our clients usually begin to feel better almost immediately, but the length of time it may take to see visible results will differ depending on your goals. Losing weight, increasing fitness or improving your general health and wellbeing all take time, but you'll see incremental improvements fairly quickly with our tailored plans.
  • What can the tests reveal
    Our combination of DNA and functional testing can tell us quite a lot. We can work out your metabolism and how you respond to particular types of exercise and nutrition. This allows us to create a health plan that isn't one-size-fits-all, but is instead tailored to your individual needs.
  • What kind of support do you offer?
    Debbi can provide free recipes to help you keep to your nutritional plan, help with interpreting your DNA test results and personalised support throughout your health and wellbeing programme.


Reach out to our nutrition experts today and let them advise you on which of our solutions fits your body best.

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