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Debbi's Story

Debbi Nathan is an Advanced Nutrigenomics practitioner with a special interest in Sports Performance Nutrition as well as overall anti-ageing health and vitality. Looking better, feeling better and performing better are great goals no matter who you are.

It's not too late and you are not too old!


Diet and environment have an enormous impact on an individual’s genes, and in this daunting age of Covid-19 and Long Covid, optimising our health is essential.


Much confusion surrounds translation of genetic data into an understandable, sustainable, and personalised format.


Nutrition backed up by evidence-based science is the way forward and Debbi is passionate about each client’s journey, offering full support along the way.


Debbi has published a book with her sister-in-law Helen. Cooking for Your Genes has been nominated for The Gourmand World Cookbooks award.


‘’My roots and a large portion of my heart remain in Africa, but spreading my wings in London and working with a community of like-minded practitioners has instilled the confidence to keep learning and sharing something new every day.’’

Debbi smiling


Cooking for your genes


The information contained in DNA lifestyle reports is for health and weight management purposes only. It is not intended to replace the advice of your physician. Nutrigenomic recommendations are not to be considered diagnostic nor should they replace your prescribed medications.


Personal goals and desired results depend not solely on a reported genetic profile but rely on individual compliance and additionally on the individual's body's reaction to the recommended treatment.

Nutrition and lifestyle outcomes cannot be 100% guaranteed.

Substituting ingredients and altering recipes or non-compliance to suggested interventions may alter the success and outcome of the program.

There may be additional factors such as untested genetic markers, environmental factors and lifestyle choices that may impact an individual's results and future outcome.

Your Gene Team attempt to ensure safe, ethical, responsible and sensitive counselling, interventions and recommendations to our clients.

Yours in wellness,

Your Gene Team


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