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UCP1 -the ability to burn body fat for heat

UNCOUPLING PROTEIN 1 (UCP1) is one of the genes that may reduce basal energy expenditure and make it difficult for some people to burn body fat and regulate their body temperature in adaptation to a cold environment.

UNCOUPLING PROTEINS ARE FOUND IN THE INNER MEMBRANE OF MITOCHONDRIA and UCP1 is found uniquely in the mitochondria of brown adipose tissue (BAT). When we burn brown fat, it creates heat without shivering. BAT burns calories and this process is called thermogenesis.

Do you have trouble losing that fat around your middle no matter what diet you try?

Do you battle to warm up and stay warm in cold weather?

There are many other mechanisms that play an important role in energy expenditure. Exercise, thyroid hormones and of course, the genes that affect adrenergic receptors.

Because UCP1 plays a role in energy expenditure (thermogenesis) and is protective against oxidative stress in the mitochondria, individuals with lower expression of UCP1 may be at a greater risk for insulin resistance and have difficulty losing weight.

If you carry the G allele and have a lower expression of UCP1, then HIIT (high intensity/interval training) is a better option to choose when it comes to exercise.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, no matter what body shape you are is still the ultimate goal.

Love yourself and take care of yourself.


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