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Could you be kinder to yourself?




2020 has thrown the world into turmoil and most of our lives have been impacted to some degree. We are facing a stormy sea, but we are not all in the same boat!

Some people have thrived, some have soldiered on and others have suffered major mental trauma.

We have clapped for health workers around the world and shown compassion for people in awful situations, but what about our own self-care?

Maybe it's time to be kinder to ourselves.

Some of my clients have gained 'isolation weight' and have adapted a little too well to the baggy and shabby look. That's really OK, for a while, and there's no need to become overly critical and hate yourself for your slip-ups. It happens to all of us!

Self-criticism is useful to a point, but when that inner-critic becomes too loud and shouty, we can lose perspective, especially when there is no one in your corner shouting for you.

Try and change the conversation with yourself.

Comparing yourself to touched-up social media icons is not helpful and can be damaging to your self-esteem. Society and advertising have warped many young women and men's brains into believing they are not 'good enough' and even 'average' has become a dirty word.

Not thin enough, not ripped enough, not pretty/handsome enough, not brilliant enough, not happy enough, not successful enough, not grateful enough, and not having enough fun.

I have heard this many times, and sometimes on repeat.

Step away from your phone and away from the mirror.

How can you manage those inner-voices?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is based on the theory that a person's thoughts, emotions, and behaviour are interconnected and can be restructured to support new, healthier, thoughts and actions.

Working with a qualified Eating Psychology coach has many benefits, and talking therapy with a professional therapist helps others.

Hypnotherapy, mindfulness practices, meditation, breathwork, exercise and yoga all have benefits.

Learn to find your new 'HAPPY PLACE' within yourself.

Give yourself the day off, or a very big hug and ask yourself 'what do I really need, to feel nurtured?'


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